Firearms officers need to be able to safely handle their weapons, both operationally and
during training; this module is designed to bring the FPU members up to internationally
recognised standards of weapon handling and weapons skills. Firearms basic level
takes the officers to first level of competence expected of an FPU. This will see them
master the basic principles of marksmanship. It is therefore important that the
instructors assess the standard of the unit’s weapons handling skills prior to the
commencement of the course to ascertain their standard and they will then be able to
gauge the exact amount of time that will be required for the students to attain the
learning outcomes of the module. The timings given in this module are based on officers
who have already received basic weapons training and are conversant with their
personal weapons and have previously conducted firing practices on a range. The drills
are generic and are designed to be carried out on any similar weapon to that shown in
the training material, it is acknowledged that individual FPUs use different weapons
systems; it is for the instructor to adapt the training according to the relevant weapon.
To familiarize the FPU members with general safety procedures along with
marksmanship principles associated with handling of weapons in training and practical
situations and to apply those procedures and principles.
Learning outcomes
At the end of the module the participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the Four golden rules of Firearms safety
  2. Apply safety procedures with weapon
  • Receiving the weapon
  • Making the weapon ready
  • Making the weapon safe
  • Handover the weapon to the armoury
  1. Demonstrate basic principles of marksmanship
  • Stance
  • Grip
  • Sight alignment
  • Trigger control
  • Breathing control
  1. Demonstrate ready positions with side arms
  2. Demonstrate five steps of quick-draw pistol
  3. Demonstrate safety principles and firearms competencies on the shooting range

Training sequence
The material in this module is designed to be delivered over twenty-four hour periods,
with three individual theoretical lessons containing PowerPoint presentation then
thirteen hours of practical lessons to practice the individual techniques. The practical
lessons should be sufficient for the student with prior knowledge of firearms handling.
However, if at that stage the instructor thinks that there is a need for further practice,
then that will be at their discretion.
Officers who are unsafe with firearms at this basic level should not be allowed to
progress on to firing on a range until they are confident and competent with the
weapons. This may be particularly relevant where the FPU is being deployed with
weapons that they are not familiar with. In this case, more time may be required to
ensure their weapon handling skills are up to standard before they engage in range
practice and subsequently deploy.
Minimum Session
Lecture/Presentation Question/Assessment Session Activities
24 hours 3 hours Dry practice 13
Mission Specific Optional film Optional activity
Range practice 8
This module contains four basic PowerPoint presentations to explain the theory and
show the various techniques used in weapon handling. However, the majority of this
module should be taught in a practical manner using the format:

  • Demonstration by the instructor
  • Explanation by the instructor
  • Imitation by the students (with instructor correcting where necessary)
  • Practice by the students until the technique is perfected
    Included in the material, is a video that explains the recommended method for
    conducting range firing, including the types of instructions that should be used by the
    Range Conducting Officer. Once again, this is included as a guide to an International

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