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The .256 Winchester Magnum is a small, high-velocity cartridge designed for use in varmint hunting and target shooting. It was introduced in the early 1960s and was popular for a time due to its flat trajectory and relatively low recoil. The cartridge is no longer in widespread use, but is still available from some ammunition manufacturers.

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256 Winchester Magnum 87 Grain SP Ammo currently loaded obsolete ammunition for 2256 win mag ammo Chambered firearms. This ammunition is for use in single-shot firearms chambered in this caliber, not for lever-action rifles. Loaded using our reformed 256 Winchester Magnum cases (#256WINMAG) and Hornady 87 Grain Jacketed Spitzer Soft Point Bullets (#HOR2530).
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The 256 win mag ammo is a firearms cartridge developed by Winchester, and was produced by necking-down a .357 Magnum cartridge to .257 diameter. It was designed for shooting small game and varmints.


Introduced in 1960, Winchester offered ammo and reloading components into the early 1990s. The cartridge was first chambered in the Ruger Hawkeye single shot pistol. The next year (1962) Marlin chambered their Model 62 Levermatic rifle for the new Winchester cartridge. These were the two principal firearms chambered for the .256 Win. Mag. It is now obsolete and only offered as a chambering by custom manufacturers of single-shot firearm barrels such as Match Grade Machine and Bullberry. Previously, the Thompson Center Custom Shop had produced some, before closing its doors in 2010.


The .256 Winchester Magnum was chambered in a very small selection of firearms, and never achieved great commercial success.Its firearms included:

  • Marlin Model 62 Levermatic lever action
  • Universal Firearms M1 carbine variant
  • Ruger Hawkeye single-action revolver
  • Thompson Center Contender single-shot pistol barrel chambering
  • etc

The 256 Winchester Magnum is also chambered occasionally in custom-built revolvers. Past candidates for this caliber conversion have included Ruger Old Model and New Model Blackhawks, and Smith & Wesson K-frames (Models 10, 14, 15, and 19).[3] Colt produced one Python in this caliber as a prototype and retains it in their museum

From an 8.5 inch pistol barrel the 60 grain .256 Winchester factory load was advertised as having a MV of 2350 fps and ME of 735 ft. lbs. This was 250 fps faster and nearly twice as powerful as the .22 Remington Jet, a varmint cartridge for revolvers that was also based on a necked-down .357 Magnum case.

According to data from the fifth edition of the Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading, handloaders with a .256 rifle can approximately duplicate the Winchester factory load using the Hornady 60 grain Flat Point bullet in front of 15.5 grains of H4227 powder for a MV of 2700 fps. The trajectory of that load looks like this: +2.3 inches at 50 yards, +4.4 inches at 100 yards, 0 at 200 yards, and -26.2 inches at 300 yards.

Winchester offered factory loaded .256 Magnum ammunition (and brass to reloaders) into the beginning of the 1990s. Winchester .256 factory loads used a 60 grain Open Point Expanding bullet at a MV of 2760 fps and ME of 1015 ft. lbs. from a 24-inch rifle barrel. That is about 500 fps faster than Winchester factory loads for the old .25-20 cartridge. At 200 yards the velocity was 1542 fps and the remaining energy was 317 ft. lbs.

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Package Contents:

Bulk 256 Winchester Magnum 87 Grain SP Ammo for Single Shots Box of 100-500 rounds

FAQs of the 256 WIN MAG AMMO

  1. What is the 256 Win Mag Ammo? The 256 Win Mag Ammo is a centerfire rifle cartridge designed and manufactured by Winchester. It was first introduced in the early 1960s as a varmint and small game cartridge.
  2. What is the ballistics performance of the 256 Win Mag Ammo? The 256 Win Mag Ammo typically fires a bullet weighing between 60 and 75 grains at a muzzle velocity of around 3,100 feet per second (fps). This results in a flat trajectory and good accuracy out to about 200 yards.
  3. What firearms are compatible with the 256 Win Mag Ammo? The 256 Win Mag Ammo is typically used in rifles designed specifically for this cartridge, such as the Winchester Model 70 and Ruger No. 1. It is not interchangeable with other rifle cartridges.
  4. What are the recommended uses for the 256 Win Mag Ammo? The 256 Win Mag Ammo is primarily used for varmint and small game hunting. It is not generally considered suitable for larger game due to its relatively light bullet weight.
  5. Is the 256 Win Mag Ammo still in production? While the 256 Win Mag Ammo has never been as popular as other rifle cartridges, it is still in production and available from a number of manufacturers. However, availability may be limited compared to more commonly used cartridges.



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