Hornady 300 Win Magnum 165 Grain GMX Superformance Ammunition (200 Rounds)


Hornady Ammo 300 Win Magnum 165 Grain GMX (MonoFlex) Superformance (200)




The .300 Winchester Magnum lies on the other side of the velocity spectrum, being a bit faster than the .30-06 Springfield. It was released in 1963, as the fourth in a series of belted magnum cartridges based on the Holland & Holland case, shortened to fit in a long-action receiver. While the .458 Winchester Magnum handled thick-skinned game, the .338 Winchester Magnum had become the darling of those going to Alaska and those who chased bugling bulls each fall, and the .264 Winchester Magnum shined on those longer shots out West for mule deer and pronghorn, it was inevitable that the market would demand a .30-caliber version. The .300 H&H Magnum had been a popular choice—being chambered in Winchester’s own Model 70—it did require a magnum-length receiver. Norma produced what everyone expected the new .300 Magnum to be, with their 1960 release of the Nils Kvale-designed .308 Norma Magnum; this cartridge—while nowhere near as popular as the .300 Winnie—remains a fantastic design.


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